Indian Saddam Hussain rejected for 40 jobs, wants new identity
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12 months ago

Indian Saddam Hussain rejected for 40 jobs, wants new identity

(Web Desk) An Indian man named Saddam Hussain was refused 40 jobs. The 25-year-old marine engineer has knocked the court s door for new identity.It has been over 10 years since the execution of ex-President of Iraq Saddam Hussein. But his presence and reputation of the identity are yet to be diffused. Even a man named Saddam Hussain in India suffered lately because he was named after the Iraqi dictator.The 25-year-old has been in search of a job since he completed the course of marine engineering from Tamil Nadu s Noorul Islam University. Saddam ultimately had to change his name to Sajid Hussain. People are scared to hire me , he told in an interview. He suggested that the employers were too scared to hire him because of the expected consequences in the international countries.Sajid has gone to the high court so that he can get a new identity. His educational certificates along with passport, driving license and job applications have complications with the old and new identity.A court ruling is scheduled on May 5 which may result in amending the educational certificates.

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